We’re urging all women to make their health a priority—all aspects of their health—a priority. This includes sexual health also. 

Most Women Are NOT Satisfied With Their Sex Lives

sex Satisfaction of womens

According to a survey, around 80% of women’s health comes last—after their spouses, children, and even their pets. This means that most women do not think only about their pleasure and satisfaction but as per the studies conducted 60 percent women admits that they are really unsatisfied with their Sex lives

Sex boosts your immunity, improves your mood, and also decreases your stress level. More Benefits When reaching an orgasm increases thanks to the release of the oxytocin and endorphins it triggers.

These feel-good hormones help in relaxation, closeness, and warmth as well as helps to fight pain and depression.

Sex is one of the important parts of life Men and women Both really need that to balance their lifestyle and help to increase your immunity and health benefits even if you do sex this will helps you free from stress and depression.

Even You have a fit and balance life if you do on a regularly basis like 2-3 time in a week

The Average Sacisfaction Score Women

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Gave thier Sex Life

Slow and steady wins the sensual race.

Go Slow if you want to be at top-notch because most men’s are in excitement and they just want to have the thing desperately but women are not like that.

The really want to great foreplay before you reach the door after then they get excited and then they really want to play for long and their excitement is on the top.

Right now, men need to be very careful keeping in mind that you have to give pleasure to your partner. Her satisfaction is more important, so you have to go slow and steady and this way you can win the race and satisfy her.

women need a sex pleasure

Don’t wanna be “vanilla”? Add some sprinkles.

Don’t be a vanilla. This is a very important factor because if you do as you are doing from a long time then it will not work out.

Now you add some twist or some new sprinkles to make her feel new. Do not follow a boring routine all the time. Try to do new things and new actions while having sex.

The most important thing is to change your positions and pace as per the requirement. It will help you to play long and it will make her feel satisfied.

Here is how it breaks down: 

  • 62 percent of the women always orgasm during masturbation
  • 34 percent of the women orgasm during oral sex
  • 27 percent of the women orgasm during intercourse where the penis enters the vagina
  • 26 percent of the women orgasm only during genital touching

So, what’s the issue? Sexual satisfaction isn’t just about having an orgasm,

It’s about the closeness and connection it brings with your partner.

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And, according to the survey,

66 percent of women want more intercourse. 

The great news is women want more sex and it is said by nancy Berman (Specializing in Women’s health care. It is very important to have a balanced sexual life because for men there is advice to keep in mind that only they do not need sexual satisfaction.

You also have to think about your partner and her satisfaction. Understanding your partner’s needs will lead to more often sex. If you do it like the way she needs then you will get more frequent chances to do it.


The important thing about your sex life is that you have to take a look and consider again that is your partner satisfied with the way you do it again again and again or you need to do some experiments and ass sprinkles.

Try to stay long, easy and stable and do the thing slowly first and after then when she is ready

Be cool and go easy. Enjoy the process and go slowly. This will help also help your partner get satisfied and become cheerful.

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