It is that time of the year when we actually feel like sipping throughout the day. Due to this we end up drinking colas and other preservative-laden pack juices, which might give a cooling effect for a while but eventually bring health problems. So for this, we have researched and come up with seven refreshing summer drinks which are homemade, yet practical healthy, super tasty, and cooling, yet so simple. These drinks are so easy to make that some of them can be made under 60 seconds.  Yes, you heard that right under 60 seconds. So I present to you the Best Refreshing Summer Drinks which are healthy and tasty too.

1. Cucumber Lemonade Cooler

Cucumber Lemonade Cooler is the perfect naturally refreshing drink for summer!

If your goal is to cut down the extra weight from the body and beat the heat at the same time then cucumber cooler is the drink for you.

Prep Time: 2 minutesServing: 1
– 1 Cucumber
– 1 Lemon
– A pinch of Black Salt
– 1/2  Glass of Cool Water
– 1 teaspoon honey (if you want)
– Fresh mint and ice to serve

Instructions to prepare

  1. Add the water, cucumber, lemon juice, black salt, and honey to a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Strain the drink through into a jug to remove any seeds.
  3. Serve immediately with a sprig of fresh mint.

I recommend you not to strain it the Cucumber Lemonade Cooler it as it is full of fiber, vitamins minerals and antioxidants.

The cooling properties of cucumber are well known. This spiced cucumber juice tastes so refreshing. So it is one of the best refreshing summer drinks warm days.

Cucumber Cooler for summer

2. Sattu Sharbat (Roasted Gram Powder Syrup/Juice)

Sattu is simply roasted gram grounded into a fine powder. Sattu is about 20% protein by weight and contains calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and all essentials in the overall nourishment of the body.

Prep Time: 60 secondsServing: 1
– 3/4 Glass water
– A pinch of black salt
– 4 tablespoons of Sattu
– 1/2 Lemon

Instructions to prepare

  1. Add the water, sattu powder (Roasted Gram Powder), lemon juice, and black salt to a glass of water and mix until smooth.
  2. Your Sattu sharbat is ready.

If you are fatigued by heat and drained by the Sun there is nothing better than Sattu sharbat.

 It instantly cools down the body and gives a burst of health and energy. Sattu sharbat is also great for the skin.

3. Kachhi Lassi

 Kachhi Lassi is an authentic refreshing cool drink from Punjab. It’s hard to imagine summer passing without a glass of Lassi. It is probably the only lassi recipe in which instead of curd, milk is used.

Prep Time: 60 secondsServing: 1
– 100  ml Milk
– 1 tablespoon Mishri Powder
– 900 ml Water

Instructions to prepare

  1. Take milk, mix mishri powder and fill rest of water with glass.

Your Kachhi Lassi is ready.

Kachhi Lassi is one of the most loved and served refreshing summer drinks in India.

It is super easy to make and it is super cooling for the body.

Lassi for summer

 4. Gondh Shikanji (Edible Gum Juice)

 Who doesn’t love drinking nimbu pani in summers but did you know that adding just one more ingredient literally doubles its benefits and that ingredient is Gondh Kathira or Edible Gum.

Prep Time: 5 minutesServing: 1
– 200  ml water
-2 teaspoon Mishri Powder
– 1 Lemon
– A pinch of black pepper
– A pinch of black salt
– 2 tablespoons of Gondh (Edible Gum)

Instructions to prepare

  1. Take water and sweeten it with Mishri powder.
  2. Squeeze the juice from lemon, a pinch of black pepper, and a pinch of black salt.
  3. Finally, mix two tablespoons of Gondh (Edible Gum)
  4. Keep it soaked in water for a few hours.

That’s all to get fluffed Gondh you just need to take half a tablespoon of Gondh.

This drink will not only prevent you from heat strokes but Gondh (Edible Gum) is also known to reduce any kind of weaknesses in the body. It is a natural energy drink and tastes delicious too.

It prevents heat stroke, energises the body, kills constipation, and cures weakness.

5. Watermelon Mint Cooler

As the name suggests this watermelon and mint based drink is an instant coolant for the body. it’s amazingly delicious too.

Prep Time: 1 minuteServing: 1
– few mint leaves
-2 diced watermelon
– A pinch of black salt

Instructions to prepare

  1. Take diced watermelon and add a few mint leaves, and a pinch of black salt.
  2. Simply blend them and your instant watermelon mint coolant is ready.

The combination of watermelon and mint has a refreshing taste of its own which is worth a try.

Tasty Watermelon lemonade

 6. Jaljeera (Cumin Powder Juice)

 If you are suffering from any digestion related issues, then choose Jaljeera as your cooling drink.

Prep Time: 5 minutesServing: 1
– few mint leaves
– 1/2 teaspoon of roasted cumin powder
– 1/4 teaspoon of black salt
– 1/4 teaspoon of rock salt
– A pinch of black pepper
– A pinch of asafoetida
– 2 glasses of water
– 1 teaspoon of jaggery powder
– 1 Lemon

Instructions to prepare

  1. In a blender, take mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, black salt, rock salt, black pepper, asafoetida and a little water, and blend it.
  2. Now take 2 glasses of water, sweeten it with jaggery powder, and sprinkle the juice of lemon in it, mix well.
  3. Now add the prepared Jaljeera mixture in it.
  4. Stir well and your Jaljeera is ready to be served.

Jaljeera is not only hydrating but also an excellent source of iron. It is highly recomanded for Anemic Patients.

A powerful concoction of herbs and spices, Jaljeera removes the excess heat from the body and cleans the digestive tract, it keeps you hydrated, cools you down, helps in detoxifying and also helps to lose fat.

7. Bail Sharbat  (Wood Apple Juice)

One of the most popular refreshing summer drinks to beat the heat especially in the northern part of India is Bail Ka Sharbat (Wood Apple Juice). Bail is a medicinal fruit and it is well known for its amazing health benefits.

Prep Time: 5 minutesServing: 1
– 1 Bail Fruit (Wood Apple Juice)
-1 glass of water
– 1 teaspoon of jaggery powder

Instructions to Prepare

  1.  Break open the bail fruit and scrape out the pulp with the help of a knife or spoon.
  2. Add a glass of water to the pulp.
  3. Mash up the pulp properly, using your hands.
  4. Strain the extra pulp and remove the seeds.
  5. Sweeten it with jaggery powder and mix well.

You can add more water according to your liking.

Bail Sharbat has its own peculiar taste. Nevertheless, it instantly cools down the body and refreshes you from within.

Bail sharbat is an instant cooler. It purifies the blood and recommended for asthma. It has properties to cure asthma. It is Great for kidneys and also aids digestion.

Bail is effective in controlling diabetes and cholesterol. It is also recommended for diarrhea patients.

So buy one bail through this season and try out this recipe.

So these were some of the top picks for refreshing summer drinks which are not only cooling but are also very easy to make do you have any excuse which of these drinks will you try

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