Nowadays, in children, teens and people in their 20’s are suffering from premature greying of hair or whitening of hair in almost epidemic proportions. Normally, the right age for hair to turn grey naturally is around 35 to 40 years, but nowadays, people are getting grey hair in their late teens and 20’s.

When 10% here in the head and beard or more than 10% start turning grey on or before 20 years of age then it is called premature greying of hair or whitening of hair.

Reasons for Premature Grey Hair

Greying of hair can be due to diseases also that is why I will tell you the names of some common illness which can result in premature greying of hair and whitening of hair.

1.  Typhoid or Typhus

Typhoid fever is so intense that hair begins greying. Even after recovering from the illness hair can turn grey and also they can begin to fall prematurely.

2. Chronic Anemia

 Anemia is a lack of adequate red plus blood cells in the body. When the body lacks a sufficient amount of red blood cells then the hair root is unable to get enough oxygen and nutrients in the quantities which are normally needed, which results in the hair root suffering and destruction of color forming cells, called melanocytes, causing them to die prematurely and this results in grey hair.

It may also lead to premature hair fall or hair loss.

3. TB or Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is rampant in our country. Many people acquire this element in one way or another.  Many times, people don’t even realize that they are suffering from this disease. This disease weakens the entire system of the body and this results in premature greying of hair.

4. Deficiency of Vitamin B12

This vitamin is essential for melanocytes or the color coming cells in our hair and deficiency of this vitamin results in grey hair at an early age.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is often found in vegetarians because this vitamin is found in good quantities mainly in meat, fish, eggs, chicken, and milk products like whole milk, curd, butter, paneer, and cheese.

This vitamin is not contained in fruits and vegetables in large quantities. So if you are vegetarian and don’t even consume milk and curd then a deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause premature greying of your hair as well.

5. Type1 Diabetes

This means the form of diabetes which starts in 12-15-year-old children, or begins its onset before the age of 40. 

Many times children of 7 to 8 years old suffer from greying of hair or premature whitening of hair, a big reason for this could be Type 1 Diabetes, TB, E for anemia, etc. It could be any of these diseases.

It is advisable that to fit the search age a child is developing grey hair then they should be immediately taken to good Hospital and have a blood test done for TB anemia,  deficiency of blood cells for Type 1 Diabetes, and also a deficiency of Vitamin B12.

This was all about premature greying or whitening of hair due to disease. But nowadays a big reason for premature greying or whitening of hair is Lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Reasons for Premature Grey Hair

It means that in the last 30 years the kind of bad habits that people have developed which regard to improper dietary intake and also the improper uses of various chemicals on their head and beard hair in the form of cosmetics, lotions, creams, gels, perfume, etc. Chemicals are causing great harm to the skin and over hair. This is a matter of great concern.

There are many bad habits that damage our hair and also causes premature grey hair.

Eating wise, the most harmful is refined oils, palm oil, white sugar which is refined Cane sugar and junk food which is cooked in the aforementioned oil.

Refined oil and white sugar have a very low amount of nutritional value and health benefits instead they have more negative effects. But still, most people, due to lack of knowledge, use these items anyway.

There are many lifestyle changes due to which there is premature greying of head and beard hair.

  • The chief reason among them is stress among young professionals these days is almost an epidemic. Everyone has a deadline to complete their work. They work day and night and unable to sleep at night.
Excessive stress may cause grey hair
Excessive stress may cause grey hair
  • Then there is a lot of coffee consumption, and also heavy consumption of cigarettes. All this in an attempt to reduce stress. Many people chew tobacco all day. All these things may help in tackling stress, but they also grow your hair prematurely. 
  • In high-stress jobs, ladies begin suffering from hypothyroidism, which is a lack of thyroid hormone in the body. They also begin putting on weight, periods start getting irregular and problems like PCOD/PCOS start happening, and here also begin getting grey soon.
  • Everyone wants to look tip-top but almost all people want a fast and easy solution for their problems. Big companies take advantage of this mindset of yours and make all kinds of hair dyes, hair sprays, hair styling gel, serum, and chemicals that can turn straight hair to curly and also turn curly hair to straight.
  • If you begin using too many of these products then the chemical content in this product can have a negative effect on the melanocytes which are the color-forming cells in the hair and are very delicate can be damaged easily, and here begins to go grey.
  • The biggest example of this is shaving gel and shaving creams. You must turn your shaving cream container over and have a look at the ingredients. You will realize that there are a number of chemicals and pregnancies mixed in and these pregnancies and chemicals are delivered right inside your skin daily by your razor.
  • Once you finish shaving you apply after shave to the exposed skin which is another chemical. Because of this onslaught of chemicals, skin becomes dry and the beard hair becomes prematurely Grey.

Shaving Tip To Stop Premature Grey Hair

Instead of doing all this, if you can just apply coconut oil on your skin fried shaving and then use the razor, then the shave will be absolutely smooth and neither will skin dry out.

Your face will remain soft and your beard will not become premature grey.

Now, let’s talk about how to prevent premature greying of hair at a young age and also how to turn grey hair back to black.

Premature Grey Hair Treatment

First of all, let’s talk about the compulsory things that you have to do, there is no choice about these things. We all should know to take care of our hair and about essential vitamins and minerals for hair.

1. Healthy Diet or Healthy Wholesome Food

Healthy Diet and healthy eating habits are very essential for a healthy immune system.

As told earlier, that in order to keep our hair black vitamin B12 is essential. This vitamin, for vegetarians, is found in milk, curd, cheese, butter, etc. and for non-vegetarians, it is found in eggs, fish and meat.

Along with these green vegetables, fruits, and legumes must be necessarily a part of the diet. These things contain iron, folic acid, vitamins, and minerals which protect us from anemia and other various diseases.

You can get some good multivitamin tablets that contain vitamin B12 in an adequate amount. These tablets should be consumed daily, after dinner. These multivitamin tablets can be cheaper than pure vitamin B12 tablets.

Healthy Wholesome Diet can Prevent Premature Grey Hair
Healthy Wholesome Food Prevent Premature Grey Hair

2. Avoid Use of Fragrant Oils

You should not put fragrant oils and chemicals in your hair. Doing repeated chemical treatment of the hair causes the hair to go prematurely grey.

3. Use Natural Oils

In order to condition your hair, you can use coconut oil or olive oil. It should be applied the night before you wash your hair. These conditions our hair effectively.

4. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps the blood flow going well in the hair roots which makes the hair roots strong and also keeps the color-forming melanocytes in good health.

Regular Exercise Prevent Premature Grey Hair

Home Remedies For Grey Hair

  • Take 1 cup of curry leaves and one cup of coconut oil, and then boil the mixture well. When the curry leaves turn black, leave the mix overnight to cool down completely. In the morning, strain with cloth and fill it in a bottle. By massaging regularly with this oil the grey hair turns black.
  • Take 1 full red onion and at the juice from 1 full lemon to it. Blend this in a mixture well. Now you have a hair mask which should be applied well all over your hair and scalp. Left for an hour. After this, you can shampoo it off.
  •  Take 2-3 teaspoons of pure cold pressed mustard oil and lightly heat gently in a small bowl and massage your head properly. Let oil remain on your head overnight and then shampoo it off properly during the daytime.  Mustard is very thick and unctuous, that is why you should put an old cloth on the pillow before resting your head and in order to wash it off properly, you may have to shampoo it twice also.
Use of mustard oil prevents and reduces grey hair
Use of Mustard oil prevents and reduces grey hair
  • Pure mustard, which is very viscous, is very rich in antioxidants, Selenium, and healthy fat. This gives the hair a natural shine and makes the hair roots strong and also makes the hair black. Cooking meals in mustard oil makes your hair healthy and also your hairs do not become grey very fast.
  •  Take 2-3 fresh amla and extract their juice. Mix ½ teaspoon almond oil and then add 5 drops of fresh lemon juice to the mix. If you massage your hair, daily at night, with this mask then the hair begins getting dark naturally.
Use of Indian Gooseberry reduces grey hair
Use of Indian Gooseberry reduces grey hair
  • Take 5-6 beans of shikakai and powder them into the mixture. Mix this powder in half a cup of curd and let it sit for an hour. Next, apply this mixture as a hair mask and let it sit for an hour on your head.  After an hour, you can shampoo to clean out your hair.

Out of all these methods, the one you find the easiest and most effective can be followed by you.

Let me clarify one thing that if you start any one of the aforementioned treatments then in order to derive the full benefits out of it it must be followed for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year.

Many people say that if you apply this one thing, then your hair will turn permanently dark in just one day. This sort of thing never happens. In order to make the hair black from the roots, you need time and effort in equal measure.

 In allopathy, there exists no medicine as yet, which can turn grey hair to black. However, the natural remedies which are told you to prevent your hair from grain prematurely and also help in turning the hair dark over a period of time.

Myths About Grey or White Hair

Some people only have 2-4 grey hair, but they are scared into believing that they remove these hair, then the greying will spread and all your hair will begin going grey.

This is absolutely not true. Every hair has an individual root and if a single hair root initiates greying hair due to the melanocytes dying out then there is no effect at all on the dark, healthy hair and hair roots around it.

So, if there are a few grey hairs here and there which you do not like then you can remove them with a tweezer, without any worry. Doing this will not affect the surrounding hair in any way at all.

*** All the tips mentioned here are taken form the advice given by Dr, Vijay Laxmi.

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