Earlier food was used to eradicate hunger, to get energy, and to stay healthy. But today all of us eat things which are good in taste and also look beautiful. We still continue to consume things knowing what effect it has on our bodies

Sugar is one such item of bringing sweetness in food which has become the cause of 60% of diseases found in the world today and due to this the number of diseases in our body is increasing continuously. We are ignoring some healthy substitute of sugar.

The reason for this is that people are not able to give up sugar because whenever people are advised to reduce sugar, they feel that they have to stop eating sweet when it is not so.

Always keep in mind that both sweet and sugar are different things. A person can eat plenty of sweet but not sugar at all.

Why sugar is so harmful?

Apart from sugar, what are the things that can provide sweetness like sugar in food and can also be beneficial for health? We will discuss all these things now but before that let’s talk about why sugar is so harmful and now people all over the world are consuming sugar-free things to get rid of it.

Sugar is made from sugarcane juice but in the process of making sugar from sugarcane juice, all its nutrients are destroyed, and also many harmful chemicals are used in it. From a nutritional point of view, there is nothing other than sweetness and chemicals in sugar, which means the amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals inside it is zero.

When we eat something, the process of digesting it starts while chewing food, but it does not happen when we eat sugar. Sugar does not digest properly even after going in the stomach and even our intestine is unable to digest it completely, that is why every single item of sugar made also increases the weight in our body.

When the amount of sugar in the body increases, the wrinkles on the skin start increasing rapidly, that is, the consumption of more sugar fastens aging. Sugar is acidic, so acnes on the face and body can also be a result of excessive use of sugar.

Consumption of sugar-based drinks such as cold coffee, mocktails, and cold drinks, etc. increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 83%.

Consumption of too much sugar causes the balance of insulin to deteriorate completely and at the same time sweet things promote tooth decay and yellowing of teeth.

Sugar also has an effect on our brain, so most people get used to eating sweet things due to sugar, and those who do not like sweet food also start liking sweet after a short time. It is such a thing that there is a desire to eat again and again and every time the desire to eat it increases more than ever.

Sugar due to sugar freezing fat in different parts of our stomach and body shows the greatest effect of sugar on our body because the fat that is deposited on our body due to sugar causes us heart disease, high blood pressure. There can be more than 60 diseases like joint problems, arthritis, insomnia, kidney and gall bladder diseases, and cancer.

The has so many harmful effects on our body, but in spite of this, from morning tea to night milk, sweets, juices, puddings, and many other items. We keep using sugar while preparing the dishes.

How would it be if we find healthy substitute of sugar which benefit us instead of harming.

Let’s know about five such things that can be your new healthy substitute of sugar. and natural sweeteners in all kinds of items

Desi khand and mishri

Desi khand and mishri (sugar candy) have been consumed since old times, but after the arrival of sugar, people have totally forgotten them. These has always been there in Indian culture and are the best healthy substitute of sugar.

Sugarcane juice is heated and stirred continuously for about 3 days and after that, it is cleaned with the help of water and milk by rotating it in rotating machines like a washing machine. So that all the dirt in it gets cleaned. Its color becomes white on drying. In this way, the desi khand is finely prepared as a semolina powder.

The prepared khand is heated and mixed to make mishri (sugar candy) and long threads are put into it and this khand converted into crystals.

Mishri or Crystallised Sugar
Mishri or Crystallised Sugar,

Do not use the square small size sugar candy found in the market as it is also a form of sugar.
Always use a large size of sugar candy mixed with thread. You will find both these things easily in ration shops,

Misri and khanda cools our body. In Ayurveda, they have been used in combination with different kinds of herbs and medicines. Where no minerals are found in sugar, khand and mishri are rich in nutrients as they are not refined like sugar. Both of these are used for sweetness as an alternative of sugar for things like lassi, kheer, pudding, sweets and tea etc. They are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, dietary fiber, and anti-oxidants. Choose healthy substitute of sugar to improve your health and fitness.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is also completely un-refined, unlike khand and sugar candy, meaning that it does not require much cleaning, washing, and chemical to be used at all. To make coconut sugar, sweet water is first collected from the flowers and sticks of the coconut tree and it is cooled after making.

Calorie in coconut sugar is equal to normal sugar but our body digests it easily and there are no side effects. It is much lighter than ordinary sugar, it contains nutrients like iron, potassium. It is also a healthy substitute of sugar.

Coconut Sugar
Coconut Sugar

Date sugar

Dates can also be used for sweetness like sugar. Date sugar can also be made at home or you can also buy it made from the market.

Take out the dried date seeds and fry them lightly and blend in a mixer to make powder. After the powder is made, filter it and fill it in a vessel.

Although sugar made from dates can not be used in things like tea and coffee as it has a distinct flavor of its own and due to the excess of fiber it does not completely dissolve in the liquid but still, it can be used for hot milk and also, it can be a substitute of sugar to use in sweets, pudding, sweet porridge, oats, and cakes.

Date sugar is considered the most healthy substitute of sugar because it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. With its use, cholesterol in the body is reduced and at the same time it also makes our bones strong.
It is very useful for people whose food is not digested properly or who feel tired all-day.

Date Sugar
Date Sugar


Jaggery is a good and healthy substitute of sugar. Jaggery is hot in nature, so it should be used mostly in the cold or rainy season.

From the nutritional point of view, the quantity of vitamins and minerals in jaggery is several times higher than sugar, khand, and coconut sugar as it is the most unrefined and raw form.
While sugar is acidic, it is a good alkaline even if it is hot in nature. The more alkaline diet a person follows, the more healthy and healthy he or she remains.

People who have high phlegm in their body should consume jaggery in large quantity.
It is also very beneficial for correcting intravenous blockages and cleaning the liver.

Health Benefits of Jaggery

Here are some health benefits of Jaggery that will insist to use it as a substitute of sugar:

  • Eating Jaggery helps digestion of food and relieves constipation.
  • It provides energy over an extended period as it slowly releases energy.
  • Jaggery helps in maintaining blood pressure.
  • It increases the total amount of hemoglobin in the body thus prevents anemia.
  • Eating Jaggery cleans the stomach, respiratory tract, intestines, and lungs.
  • It provides warmness to the body in winter.
  • Jaggery has the ability to purify the blood.
  • It prevents arthritis.
  • Jaggery prevents and treats many skin problems such as pimples and acne etc.
health benefits of jaggery
health benefits of jaggery

Raw Honey

Raw honey is not only a good source of sweetness but is also very beneficial for our health. Honey never spoils, yet big companies sell it by refining, so always use un-refined or raw honey, and if possible, find some honey extractors in your area and buy it directly form them.

Honey is very beneficial for curing all types of allergies in the body and can also be used for weight management.

Benefits of Raw Honey:

Honey is a good and healthy substitute of sugar and benefits of raw honey will amaze you:

  • Honey improves digestion.
  • Honey cures many allergies.
  • Honey helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Honey is anti-virus, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial in nature.
  • Honey Boosts your Immune System and reduces the risk of diseases and illness.
  • The use of honey promotes healthy, flawless, and glowing skin.
  • Honey also helps to heal the cuts and wounds if applied to them.
Raw Honey
Raw Honey

Today, we have come to know about many things that can be used as a healthy substitute of sugar in different ways and get rid of sugar forever.

Dropping sugar not only reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes, but also provides great benefit in diseases like acidity, hypertension, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and migraine.

All the things mentioned dangerous as sugar, yet due to the sweetness, the amount of calories in these is not much less than sugar but we should not consume any sweet substance in very large quantities.

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