Our eyes are the most attractive and prominent feature of our face. It is also associated with health and well-being.

So, a bright under eye instantly gives you a fresh youthful look while a dark under eyes can make you look tired and older than your age. Having dark circles is a common problem these days. Both men and women suffer from this problem and they seek advice and opinions form family, friends, clinics, and the internet also to get rid of dark circles developed under the eyes.

Tips to reduce dark circles

Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

  • The skin under your eyes is extremely thin. This makes the vessels that are present under the eyes visible on the surface. Vessels in this area are blue in color that’s why you tend to sometimes get a bluish tinge or a bluish hue under your eyes and that can make your dark circles even darker.
  •  The process of aging can also lead to dark circles because there is thinning of skin in this area.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun can also lead to the darkening of the skin under the eyes. So whenever you’re outdoors and you know that you’re going to be out in the Sun for a long time make sure you wear thick sunglasses.
  • There are certain lifestyle changes that can also lead to dark circles such as lack of sleep, increased intake of caffeine, and sitting in front of a computer screen for a long period of time.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking can make your dark circles to appear worse.
  • It could also be due to deep-set eyes. Your skin under the eyes is not dark but due to shadow effect from the overlying bony structure of your orbit that leaves a shadow on the under-eye area makes under-eye area darker. So if you have deep-set sunken eyes then your dark circles tend to be even more prominent.
  • One of the most common causes of dark circles is the rubbing of the eyes. Most of the people in the world have the tendency of rubbing their eyes. It makes them feel better for a few minutes but this action completely harms the skin under your eyes.
  • The skin under the eyes is thin. Even gentle rubbing can lead to injury to the skin and over a period of time it can lead to thickening of the skin under this area. That’s why you should not rub your under eyes.
  • If you have glasses and you’re not wearing them that can also lead to the darkening of the under-eye area because you are trying to make an effort to focus. You tend to contract or shrink your eyes and this leads to fatigue of muscles around your eyes. so at the end of the day rubbing this area tends to give relief. Hence it is very important to wear glasses if you have them.
Girl with cucumber slices on eyes to reduce dark circles
  • You could be allergic to eye drops that you’re using or cosmetics, lotions, under-eye makeup, or even nail polish. A lot of under-eye creams contain plant extracts so it can make the situation worse for you.
  • Spending long hours in front of a mobile, laptop, or computer screen can lead to dark circles or can make them appear worse.
  • Iron deficiency, blood disorders such as anemia, and certain hormonal changes can also lead to dark circles.
  • Lack of essential nutrients like vitamins A, B-12, C, D, and E also leads to dark circles around the eyes.
  • Pollutants in the air such as dust, dirt, smoke, and other particle matter also cause darkening of skin and dark circles, if skin is exposed to these pollutants daily.
  • Lack of water or dehydration, leads to drying of skin around eyes which makes it appear dark.
  • Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) can also lead to dark circles. In this condition there is dryness and itching on the skin this can also be associated with darkening under the eyes.
  • Dark circles could also be genetic. So, if you have family members who have dark circles then there’s a high chance that you will also suffer from it.

Do’s and Don’ts If You Have Dark Circles

  • Always wear sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors.
  • Moisturize your under eye area well. Make sure to use a gentle moisturizer that does not have any color or does not have any fragrance. You can use this under your eyes to keep this area hydrated and moisturized.
  • If you have power glasses or any eye problem, it’s best to wear your glasses at least when you’re working on the screen on your computer or looking down on your phone.
  • You should cut down on your caffeine intake if you have dark circles.
  • If you have to sit in front of the computer for a prolonged period of time, try to make sure that every half an hour to an hour you look away from the screen and blink your eyes a few times in order to give it a little bit of rest.
  • You should not rub your eyes. So, please break the habit of rubbing your eyes. It is only going to make your dark circles worse and it’s also going to lead to the earlier appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, please refrain from rubbing your eyes.

Creams for Dark Circles

There are certain creams that can be used which can lead to some lightening of the skin under your under-eye area. These creams usually contain kojic acid, arbutin. lactic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, retinol, and very low concentration of hydroquinone.

If you have fine lines and wrinkles along with dark circles under your eyes then you should use a cream containing retinol. Retinol will help in building collagen hence reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles[1]. Collagen helps in the production of new blood vessels, which improves skin color.

If you have prominent blood vessels under your eyes and your dark circles appear bluish then you should look for vitamin K in your under-eye.

Creams like eye bliss cream, wunder eye cream, Avarta under eye cream, and ROC under eye cream are found to be effective in reducing under-eye dark circles.

Home Remedies To Reduce Dark Circles

These home remedies can improve the appearance and make the skin under your eyes appear bright.

There are a lot of recipes going around on the internet which claim to completely get rid of dark circles. Please do not use any kind of harmful harsh material on your under-eye because the skin in this area is very soft and you don’t want to irritate the skin.

NOTE: Refrain from using ingredients such as lemon, baking soda or toothpaste or any kind of irritant substances under your eyes. This will only make your dark circles worse.

Coconut oil in a container treat dark circles

Coconut oil helps to reduce dark circles
  • You can apply coconut oil around your eyes. Apply it twice daily, once after having a bath, and again before going to sleep at night. Coconut oil products our skin from fungal and bacterial infections, as well as from allergy and harmful effects of Sunlight.
  • Apply frozen teabags. It worlds as a quick fix. For this you should place a few teabags in the refrigerator. Before any occasion put these tea bags on your eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes. It gives you an instant rejuvenated look. These teabags do is they reduce the puffiness and swelling under the eyes and gives your under-eye and instantly bright look.
  • You can also put sliced cucumber or sliced potatoes on your eyes.
  • You can even use potato juice under your eyes. Apply this under your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes every night. Potato juice has some antioxidant properties and tends to lighten the skin tone. This is not a quick fix. You will not see very instant results but if you do it on a regular basis for about two to three months you will definitely notice an improvement. 
  • You could also mix curd with some rosewater and apply it under your eyes. Curd contains lactic acid which is a skin lightening agent so this can brighten your under-eye area.
  • You can also apply fresh aloe vera gel to your dark circles.  Apply fresh aloe vera gel around your eyes in a circular motion and leave the gel on forever 30 minutes and then wash It off of cool water and then apply coconut oil. You can do it thrice a week.
  • Honey is very effective and helpful to reduce dark circles. Applying Honey on dark circles, three times a week, just for going to sleep at night. Wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning and apply coconut oil to the area. You can do it thrice a week.
Honey to treat dark circles
Honey is effective in reducing dark circles


Using raw vegetables daily on your skin can cause allergies. And vegetable juice can also dry out your skin. That is why it is very important to moisturize skin using coconut oil after applying this vegetable fruit or fruit juices.

If your skin itches for burns after applying anything on it then you should immediately and thoroughly wash the area with cool water and then apply coconut oil to it.

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Dark circles can be completely created only when we address the underlying cause in our body as well as read the affected areas on the skin.

Simply treating the skin will definitely make an improvement but the moment you stop the treatment, the problem will return.

That is why this problem needs to be tackled on both fronts simultaneously – inside, as well as outside.

***These tips has been taken from the advice given by Dr. Anchal and Dr. Vijay Laxmi.

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