There are a lot of things that cause back pain and there is most of thing in general even we don’t know and we are doing the same and affecting our health and body

So if you are continuously having the issue of back pain so kindly have a look and check your self are you doing these things if you found Yes, then i recommend you to stop and change these habits so you get your healthier life back without pain .

1. Sitting for Too Long

Tips to avoid Back Pain
Sitting for Too Long may cause back pain

Sitting improperly is the major factor of back pain if you’re doing the same thing then please stop doing and change your posture and start sitting straight and try to avoid long sitting, if you are working in an office and your job is to sit at least 8 hours then I recommend kindly try at least 10-15 time stand-up at your place and stand at a minimum 5 min every time and please change the way you are sitting.

Additionally, it alters the natural curve of the spine, and it means the back muscles have to hold your back in shape.

2. Improper Lifting

Tips to avoid Back Pain
Improper Lifting causes back pain

Improper lifting of heavy objects at the gym or at other places increases the stress placed on the back and can easily cause muscle tears, tissue damage, or in more serious cases, small fractures.

To avoid this, use bum muscles more while lifting heavy things. If possible, ask someone to help you.

While lifting weights can help to strengthen your back, only if done accurately and with proper training and assistance.

3. Poor Posture

Tips to avoid Back Pain

Poor posture is one of the main reasons for lower back pain but it is overlooked. Bad postural habits change the biomechanics of your body.

The increasing pressure on your lower back due to altered biomechanics can cause discomfort in your back.

Practicing and maintaining correct-accurate posture is very important in order to avoid any serious health problems.


4. Staying Overweight

Tips to avoid Back Pain

Usually, people who are overweight are at a much higher risk of back pain. The weight leads to the risk of injury to your back and spine and also puts extra pressure on the spine.

As there is too much weight in the core, the pelvis is pulled forward, stressing the lower back, which creates a lot of pain and medical issues.

The body’s center of gravity will shift with extra weight and this shift will pull your body forward and strain the back. This shift body will also make your body hold an unnatural posture which in return causes pain and other back problems.

5. Smoking

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Smoking can affect the part of your brain that processes sensory stimuli and the central perception of pain and injury particularly; cigarettes. It affects the way the brain makes its pain signals.

Due to Smoking, tissues of your lower back can also get injured and also can damage different place in the body by slowing down blood circulation and reducing the flow of nutrients to your joints and muscles.

Perhaps getting rid of these bad-harmful habits can help you to minimize back pain. Furthermore, incorporating healthy eating and other habits into your everyday life can add up to the benefit. It can be by exercising regularly and practicing good posture.

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